Gudao, Lone Islet Review

Betty Jane Wylie, O.C. award-winning author of Beginnings: A Book for Widows, and past chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada

This is one war memoir you have to read. Margaret Blair has achieved an impeccably written, powerful and moving account of a sad chapter in history, told through the eyes of a child but with a discreet adult sensibility supplying the necessary information to understand fully what the child is going through. …
She lives in an incomprehensible present, unable to understand, for example, her increasing lack of energy (as the inmates’ calorie count was cut to 300 a day) but clinging with desperate affection to the stuffed toy she brought with her from her pampered other life. You will be touched, as I was, by the threadbare blue giraffe that becomes the metaphor of her lost childhood.

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